It is during the preconstruction phase, when Cornerstone can have a positive impact on the schedule and cost of a project. By being included early in the design phase, Cornerstone is able to analyze and help determine the most efficient and cost effective construction plan. By working alongside our customer’s estimators and project managers, Cornerstone will be able to clearly define a project’s scope of work, including all jobsite logistics, in order to accurately complete a schedule and pricing proposal.

The team at Cornerstone Forming stands ready to assist you through the entire preconstruction process with the following capabilities:

  • Conceptual estimating
  • Design input
  • Value engineering
  • Cost comparative analysis
  • Schedule impact analysis
  • Final lump sum pricing
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Project Management
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Effective project management provides Cornerstone Forming the opportunity to set itself apart from other formwork organizations. We assign the same person responsible for work estimation to the role of project manager in order to ensure continuity throughout the bidding, pre-planning and execution phases of a project. By using the same person for these roles, a full understanding of our customer’s needs is established. This practice also eliminates gaps in the scope of work and results in successful job completion.

At Cornerstone, we feel the pre-planning phase is the most critical stage of a project. Pre-planning includes the work that takes place before Cornerstone arrives on the jobsite. This period of time is when our project manager and superintendent fine tune the budget, schedule, sequencing, manpower and execution of a job. A project’s greatest opportunity to succeed is established during this phase. It is also the time when we work closely with our customer’s construction team to formulate a specific strategy to execute work that meets the requirements of the job, while being on schedule and on budget.

Jobsite Management

Once the estimation and pre-planning process are complete, Cornerstone can begin flexing its capabilities on the jobsite. This is where we are able to put experience and expertise to work so that our customer’s expectations are exceeded. Our seasoned carpenters and laborers utilize the project plans produced in conjunction with our customer to perform work in a safe and productive manner ensuring that overall project goals are met. We are committed to properly communicating key points of information to those who are responsible for actually performing the work required on a job. Project expectations and daily work goals are made clear to all team members from management to the crew through daily huddles. These huddles allow for communication of work day expectations, review of visual color schedules and opportunities for team member feedback in an effort to improve upon job productivity.

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